He-Mouse large right, wireless

Enhance comfort with ErgoFinland's Wireless Ergonomic Mouse. Reduce strain, customisable buttons, 100% recycled plastic.

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Promotes healthier vertical mouse position

Reduces strain on the wrist and forearm

Intentionally lightweight design

R-Go Tools He-Mouse large right, wireless

Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort and productivity with the Wireless Large Right-Handed Ergonomic Mouse by ErgoFinland. This state-of-the-art mouse is meticulously designed to promote a vertical mouse position, reducing strain on the wrist and forearm, thus combating discomfort such as RSI ('mouse arm'). By encouraging movement from the forearm rather than the wrist, this innovative approach offers a preventative solution for users, providing relief for small muscles and tendons in the wrist and hand, and promoting ergonomic comfort. Its intentionally lightweight design significantly reduces the muscle tension required for mouse usage, enhancing user comfort during long periods of use and optimising productivity. The R-Go Break software endows users with the ability to customise the mouse buttons to suit individual needs, creating a tailored user experience and further boosting efficiency. In line with environmental consciousness, the mouse's plastic components are crafted entirely from 100% recycled material, aligning with sustainable practises and contributing to a greener planet. Measuring 110 mm in length, 93 mm in width, and 79 mm in height, the mouse's natural ergonomic shape provides optimal support for the entire hand, effectively preventing strain injuries and ensuring effortless usage. Weighing 134 g, the mouse offers a perfect balance of sturdiness and user-friendly design. Featuring 5 programmable buttons and a DPI interval from 800-1200-1600-2400, users experience exceptional flexibility and precision in their interactions, tailored to their specific needs. Offering both wireless and USB 2.4GHz connection, the mouse's 600mAh battery delivers approximately 50 hours of usage after just a 5-6-hour charge, guaranteeing extended performance and eliminating unnecessary interruptions. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery, accompanied by a 102 cm long charging cable, facilitates convenient and efficient battery management. Seamlessly compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, the installation process is effortless, providing users with a trouble-free plug-and-play experience. The accolades speak for themselves - the R-Go He Wireless Mouse was awarded the Product of the Year in the Benelux in 2013 for its outstanding and innovative design, while the Break software was honoured with the Benelux Office Product Award in 2021, solidifying its reputation for excellence and usability within the industry.

Product specification

Enhance comfort with ErgoFinland's Wireless Ergonomic Mouse. Reduce strain, customisable buttons, 100% recycled plastic.

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