Muvmat ergonomic office mat, tree print

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Aeris Muvmat ergonomic office mat, tree print

The Aeris Muvmat ergonomic office mat, featuring its unique tree print, provides exceptional comfort and support during prolonged standing. This intelligent office mat has been engineered to offer ergonomic support on hard surfaces. With its innovative design concept, the Muvmat incorporates two distinct layers that work in harmony to deliver optimal benefits. The base is crafted with contoured cell polypropylene, creating a terrain-like surface for your feet, while the upper layer of polyurethane provides luxurious softness without compromising on support. Measuring 915 x 480 x 35 mm and weighing 2.7 kg, this office mat serves as an ideal complement to adjustable workstations and other environments where stationary standing is common. The Muvmat's 3D structure activates reflex zones in the soles, relieving muscle tension and encouraging natural movement, akin to a leisurely walk along a forest trail. This ergonomic design alleviates fatigue and discomfort while promoting a more natural and balanced posture. Boasting high-quality materials such as EPP, PU, and 100% polyester, the Muvmat offers a blend of durability and comfort. By reducing fatigue and fostering a more ergonomic work environment, this eco-friendly and sustainable office mat is a valuable addition to your daily routine.

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