Nitrile workstation mat 86x143 cm, black

ErgoFinland Nitrile Workshop Mat - optimal for kitchen and food, durable and antibacterial.

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100% nitrile rubber

Antibacterial properties

Textured surface for liquid drainage and drying

ErgoFinland Nitrile workstation mat 86x143 cm, black

The ErgoFinland Nitriili Arbetsplatsmatta is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific requirements of the food industry and kitchen environments. Whether it's food preparation, food packaging, or other culinary tasks, this workshop mat ensures optimal performance in wet and oily environments. Crafted from 100% nitrile rubber, it is free from DOP and DMF compounds, silicone, heavy metals, and ozone-depleting substances. The antibacterial properties of the nitrile mat make it ideal for creating a hygienic and safe working environment. Its textured surface facilitates the drainage and drying of liquids, while the non-slip surface enhances workplace safety. ErgoFinland Nitriili Arbetsplatsmatta combines both functionality and safety, thus creating a safer and more efficient workplace environment for kitchen use and food production.

Product specification

ErgoFinland Nitrile Workshop Mat - optimal for kitchen and food, durable and antibacterial.

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2 år

Dimensions (L x W x H)

143 x 86 x 0.5 cm

Package weight

5 kg

Package dimensions (L x W x H)

143 x 86 x 0.8 cm

Other information

100 % nitriilikumi. Ei sisällä DOP- tai DMF-yhdisteitä, silikonia, raskasmetalleja eikä otsonikerrokseen vaikuttavia aineita.

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