Swopper AIR active chair, grey mesh fabric

Enhance your workspace with Aeris Swopper AIR.

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Three-dimensional movements: forwards, sideways, and vertically

Simulates the spine's natural compression during walking and running

Strengthens back muscles and spinal vertebrae with natural muscle power

Aeris Swopper AIR active chair, grey mesh fabric

Discover exceptional ergonomics and unparalleled comfort with the groundbreaking Aeris Swopper AIR office chair. This innovative solution for workspaces utilises genuine Aeris 3D technology to seamlessly track your natural movements in three dimensions - forwards, sideways, and even vertically. The unique ability to move up and down, or 'bounce,' emulates the natural compression of the spine during walking or running. This dynamic seating experience not only helps fortify back muscles and spinal vertebrae by activating natural muscle power, but also effectively reduces tension and promotes physical relief. The tilting spring mechanism ensures uniform distribution of body weight with every movement, while the ergonomic design maintains a straight posture even while leaning forward. The Aeris Swopper AIR boasts adjustable seated height ranging from 49–69 cm and user-independent height adjustment from 56–76 cm. Crafted from soft mesh fabric, the seat cushion guarantees durability and comfort during prolonged use, with a remarkable 70,000 Martindale rating. Measuring 55 cm in width, the chair fulfils the quality and performance requirements set by the EN 1335 and GS/EN 1002 standards. With a weight limit of 120 kg and a 3-year warranty, this office chair proves to be a highly reliable and enduring solution for the workspace. Cleaning the seat upholstery is made simple with a damp cotton cloth and pH-neutral cleaning agent, specifically formulated for mesh fabrics.

Product specification

Enhance your workspace with Aeris Swopper AIR.

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3 år

Seat dimensions (L x W)

Halkaisija 43 cm

Height adjustment range

56-76 cm/ istuessa 49-69cm

Weight limit



Laatu ja testaus: EN 1335, GS/EN 1002

Other information

Jalustan leveys 55cm. Tassuilla

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