Swopper active chair, dark grey wool blend (Felt luna)

The timeless Dark Grey Ergonomic Swopper boosts blood circulation.

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Encourages natural movement

Vertical bouncing for natural spine compression

Promotes relieving exercise

Aeris Swopper active chair, dark grey wool blend (Felt luna)

Elevate your office seating with the Dark Grey Ergonomic Swopper Office Chair. This iconic office chair offers a unique blend of technology and ergonomic design, making it stand out in the world of office furniture. With genuine Aeris 3D technology that effortlessly follows movements in all three dimensions - forward, sideways, and vertically - this chair revolutionises the traditional sitting experience. The innovative vertical bouncing feature mimics the spine's natural compression during walking or running, nurturing back muscles and vertebrae without the need for a backrest, providing relief and support. This distinctive sitting position promotes natural muscle power, relieving tension and encouraging deeper breathing, thus stimulating blood circulation and metabolism. The result? An enhanced sense of well-being, heightened alertness, and improved calorie burning. Designed with a close-to-ground swivel joint and a spring motion, this chair ensures that your entire body moves with every motion, keeping your back upright even when leaning forward. The Dark Grey Ergonomic Swopper Office Chair boasts an adjustment range for seat height of 42 – 56 cm, and an effortless height adjustment of 50 – 64 cm, providing adaptability to individual preferences. The seat, with an impressive width of 43 cm, is upholstered in a luxurious wool-blend fabric (Felt, Luna Gabriel) with exceptional abrasion resistance of 70,000 Martindale. Where the backrest is located, the width expands to 55 cm, offering comfort and support. Meeting quality and test standards including EN 1335 and GS/EN 1002, this chair provides reassurance of its robust construction. With a weight limit of 120 kg and a 3-year warranty, the Dark Grey Ergonomic Swopper Office Chair is a durable, long-lasting addition to your workspace, offering both peace of mind and comfort. Embrace practicality and reliability in office comfort with this exceptional chair.

Product specification

The timeless Dark Grey Ergonomic Swopper boosts blood circulation.

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3 år

Seat dimensions (L x W)

Halkaisija 43 cm

Height adjustment range

50-64 cm/ istuessa 42-56cm

Weight limit



Laatu ja testaus: EN 1335, GS/EN 1002

Other information

Jalustan leveys 55cm. Tassuilla

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